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 Rules: Please Read

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PostSubject: Rules: Please Read   Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:14 pm

These are the list of Rules for this forum, any broken rules will result in a warning, varying from which rules you have broken.

1. No Spam

2. No Flamming

3. No advertising of any products (Unless with permission)

4. No Plagarism

5. No IM terms (Example: brb, lol, etc.)

6. No triple posting (Unless it is your fan game, or in an Roll-Playing Game, in which case there is no quadruple posting)

7. No revising of threads over three months old (Unless you are an Admin., Mod., or the creator of the thread)

8. No Identity theft, we will know and you will be permanently banned

9. No correcting someones rule breaking unless you are a mod or admin, in which case, see "For Mods and Admins Only"

10. No double accounts, we will find you, and you will be permanently banned

11. Respect the rules inside forums (Which only certain forums will have)

Any rule breaking will result in a warning (Unless said otherwise), how much warning will vary from the different rules (See the Warning Clause for how much warning).
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Rules: Please Read
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